Thursday, June 19, 2008

What you don't know about that Ebenezers video...& Kim and me on the radio! (By Rebecca)

Hey, gang. Rebecca here. I've been absent from the blog a bit, I know. My shyness isn't restricted to pictures, as Kim will tell you. And she's been doing such a great job, I didn't want to cramp her style. But I thought it was time I added a little post. So here goes! :)

First, a fun fact: Kim very sweetly described the last video in her previous entry as "some footage of me singing and Rebecca playing mandolin at Ebenezer's." But you should know, there was more going on there.... Perhaps you noticed me re-tuning my mando at the beginning of the song, but what you probably didn't know is that my strap also came untied towards the end. However, like true performers, we carried on! Strap shmap. That's showbiz!

Anyway, I just wanted to add a further detail for those of you keeping up with the blog. If you look closely, you can see me trying my best to hold up my little Indiana B-M5 ("Indy" for short), and keep playing by the end. (Now you know what really goes on on stage. Hee.) :)

Also, I want to let you know, you can catch Kim and me on the radio tomorrow (Friday) night!

Yes, tomorrow night around 9pm you can check out an interview we recorded with deejay Gene Godfrey for his show, Classic FM, on Burlington County College radio, Z889. You can stream the show live on your computer, from any where in the world, at Pretty cool, right?

Anyway, it's off to bed for this little Katz. But I wanted to say "hi!" ("Hi!")

I hope you all enjoy the radio show if you're able to catch it, and thanks for following our adventures! (Thanks for keeping the masses informed, Kimmy!)

Sing OUT, sing loud,


Okay, as a bonus for being such faithful readers (all three of you, LOL), I've uploaded some video files that we shot along the way. Actually, Rebecca shot the first two, and Amy shot the last one. So credit where credit is due.

This first piece is completely ridiculous--just me and Becks being silly in the car. We were crossing over this bridge on the first day, and the sun was setting, and just as I said, "It looks like something from 'Lord of the Rings' or something," a song from the soundtrack came on my iPod. We're laughing and talking so I don't know if you can get the full effect, but we did turn the music up and drive over the bridge rather majestically, because we could.

The second video is of Jake the dog, singing. See me walking out the door just before he starts? Yeah, that's me headed out on my 45-minute car-moving adventure...

And last, but certainly not least, is some footage of me singing and Rebecca playing mandolin at Ebenezer's. Enjoy!

Days Eight & Nine: The End of the Line (By Kim)

So here we are, the final post... We said goodbye to Baltimore on Saturday morning...

Goodbye, Peabody Court Hotel...

We headed for New Haven, where our original plan had been to busk at a festival they were having in town. Turns out that we had a bit more traveling to do than we realized to get there, and since the weather was crappy anyway, we just turned it into a travel day and left it at that. I got a little snap-happy on the road. I took this one at a stop light. I think it's a sports arena of some kind in downtown Baltimore. Don't I make a fabulous tour guide...

Okay, at this point Rebecca was driving, which made me even more snap-happy. I liked the whole drawbridge up thing. For a minute we headed toward it and Rebecca told me to slow down, but I said, "I'm gonna speeeeeed it uuuuuppppp..." Oh, wait... that was Keanu and Sandra... LOL.

Bridge shots.

I liked all these light fixtures in a clump like they are for some reason.

This one caught me because of the shape of the building next to whatever structures those are that mimic the same shape. Click!

And I like this version of it because of the contrast between the grass and sky. Not that I did anything intentional to make it happen. I am strictly a point-and-shoot-and-hope-for-the-best kind of gal!

Uh... I liked the blue tiles? Maybe? What can I say, I was tired!

Ah, yes... Rebecca brought this to my attention, and we both thought it was pretty funny. So... SNAP!

Our old pal the Vince Lombardi Service Area.

This I snapped because I am a huge "The Office" fan, and one of their fictional branches is in Stamford. So even though it's blurry, it made the blog!

Saturday was a long day on the road... about eight hours in the end. There was driving, and napping, and photo-taking, and in the end we wound up at a great little pub for dinner with Rebecca's friends Meredith, Woj, and Jane. We stayed with Meredith and Woj for the night, and then headed to Milford the next day for our final gig at Cafe Atlantique.

Poor Milford. Who could have foreseen when they named the town what colloquial terms might eventually become popular? I never would have thought of it if someone else hadn't said it--and if you haven't figured it out, I will not corrupt you--but I found it sad that even my 13-year-old cousin was like, "The name of the town is 'Milford?' Hahahahahahahhahahaha!" Innocence is a thing of the past.

Here is the best shot I could get of Cafe Atlantique in the fading light after our gig. There may be more in Rebecca's batch... we haven't done the final photo swap yet.

After this gig we drove home.

And there you have it! Boston to Baltimore (and back)! We had a great time, met some amazing people, made friends and fans, sold CDs, laughed, sang, bonded, and blogged. My first touring experience was fantastic thanks to Rebecca's careful planning, incredible organizational skills, and unlimited patience with someone older and crankier (that would be me) !

We'll be playing together locally in the upcoming months, and then who knows? Watch our websites for all the news that's fit to print! Thanks for taking the journey with us. We'll see you again soon!

Day Seven: Hotel Heaven (By Kim)

Friday morning we bid adieu to Amy and Jessica's place... doesn't it kind of look like the house on "Sesame Street?"

Before heading back to Baltimore for our show at Read Street Books, we met Amy for lunch and did a little last-minute sight-seeing.

The Folger Shakespeare Library as I walked quickly by on our way to meet Amy...

Here it is from the front...

We came across the Code Pink ladies on our way to a local Thai place... I love them. They are so fabulous in their pink garb--all activists should choose a color to represent themselves! It makes it so much easier to know who you're dealing with.

Here's something from the wall of the Thai place. The craftsy (as opposed to "crafty"--which I also am) person in me couldn't resist taking a shot so I could attempt my own version of this fabulous piece later in life. It's like quilted and embroidered and sequined and beaded all in one. Love it!

Amy, Becks and Me. The perspective of this shot, with the biggest person in front (hi!), makes Amy and Rebecca look like Hobbits next to me. It reminds me of the pic I had done with my cousin at the Lord Of The Rings exhibit when it was at The Museum of Science in Cambridge.

Approaching the Library of Congress...

Okay, there are probably 9000 views of the Capitol building just like this one, but it feels different when you're taking it yourself!

The flags outside the Library.

What I love about this one is that it's a total composite shot that I stitched together using the bottom of one wider angled shot, and the top (with the flag) of a longer angled shot. And you would never have known that if I hadn't told you. Ha!

And again with the Capitol...

So, Rob Laurens told me to just walk into the Library of Congress if I had limited sight-seeing time. He was right that it's magnificent. I totally want my house to look just like this... ;-)


Far... (and the second "Sesame Street" reference in this blog!)

The view from where I was standing in the near/far pictures.

Uh... what's on the roof?

The other view from where I was standing in the near/far pictures.

More words of wisdom...

The artistry of this place is just stunning.

Art may be long, but someday soon it's only going to read "ong" if they don't fix this one!

Not sure what this exhibit entailed (live performances of some sort?), but I liked the posters.

I'm a sucker for a theater. Rebecca and I hummed a few bars of "Home Again" while we were standing there. Great acoustics.

Paintings of musical instruments seemed worthy of snapping...

I shot this room because it looks like the press briefing room on "The West Wing." Another one for you, Kristen!

Finally the flags cooperated enough to be read...

Side of the Supreme Court building... we were running out of time!

Another view of the Folger Shakespeare Library on the way back to the car.

Capitol Hill, baby!

And Mass Ave. I don't care where we were, that's how you say it!

I thought it was cool that there was a Davidson decal on the car in front of us, so there ya go.

Back in Baltimore, our home for the night, the fabulous Read Street Books.

Our last dog of the tour... Miranda, who belonged to Lisette from Read St. Total sweeties--both dog and owner.

Self portrait: alone at Read Street, waiting for Rebecca and her mom to get back from the first drop of stuff at the hotel.


Rebecca's mom flew in from Kentucky to surprise Rebecca; a secret I was in on and had almost revealed about 47 times that day alone as Rebecca referenced her mom in a variety of ways. It was very cool because Rebecca had NO IDEA, and also because Mrs. Katz had gotten a hotel room nearby (just when you were wondering what the blog title was all about!) and we both got to join her and have a luxurious night in real beds--our first since leaving Virginia. We were spoiled with excellent air mattresses all along the way, don't get me wrong--I slept DAMN WELL on this tour--but nothing beats a real bed. Also I finally got to have my crab cakes and they were YUM-MY!

Again, this is just SOME of our stuff...